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What does FMS do?

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  • FMS finances women’s ideas.
  • FMS reaches women’s groups located in geographically and socio-economically marginalized areas.
  • FMS monitors needs and progress, and supports the skills and projects of women’s groups.

How does FMS achieve this?

  • FMS mobilizes funds from both individual and collective donors whether they be local or international donors.
  • Funds are allocated to groups within a framework whereby programs que ayudan a fortalecer su desarrollo institucional, concretar sus proyectos e identificar sus necesidades.
  • FMS develops communication strategies and establishes networks between individuals and relevant organizations in different locations.
  • Finally, FMS organizes conferences and training events for the women’s groups it supports and other women who work as activists, with the aim of strengthening organizations that are empowering their fellow women.

What are the key themes of FMS’s work?

The groups and female leaders that FMS supports promote:

  • Economic, social, cultural and labor rights.
  • Sexual and reproductive rights.
  • Sexual diversity.
  • Political participation of women.
  • Eradication of violence against women.





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