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Resource Allocation

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Fondo de Mujeres del Sur strengthens women’s groups and organizations through:

Direct Donations: Calls for Proposals are aimed specifically at women’s groups. Through these, groups can request funding from FMS in order to realize their ideas and implement their proposals. Selected organizations then receive the required donation.

Conferences and Training Events: FMS organizes conferences for groups that receive funding and training events for activists. These aim to empower members of women's groups that are committed to equitable social change.  

Ongoing support and technical assistance: Ongoing support to groups and organizations funded by FMS varies according to their particular needs. Support and advice is focused on organizational processes, project implementation, or developing other initiatives from the group.

Support for Initiatives: Tax regulations and regulations related to official legal status impose conditions which are difficult for women’s groups that are not within the formal systems to comply with. We believe that these should not be barriers to the implementation of good ideas and initiatives. For this reason, FMS provides administrative support and makes technical, legal and fiscal resources available to women’s groups. They then have access to the resources they require to implement their own initiatives. View a report of funds transferred here (in Spanish)


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