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Building Networks and Partnerships

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Building Networks and Partnerships is a support program that is aimed at strengthening groups of women who are at initial stages of setting up organizations.

This program provides support to groups of women from urban, rural and low-income sectors. It mainly consists of groups of indigenous and rural women, grassroots women's groups and also women's groups within other community-based organizations.



Map of counterparts.

Organizations of the Network and Partnership Program

Mujeres de la Costa
Santa Fe - Argentina

El grupo Mujeres de la Costa is a civil society organization (NGO), which operates in the north of the province of Santa Fe, in the coastal region of Rio San Javier. They carry out their activities from there, with the San Javier, Garay and General Obligado Regional Councils. Fifteen women make part of the organization, and they hold workshops on sexual and reproductive rights to young mothers in rural areas. Read more about this group in spanish...

Juntas Triunfaremos
Santiago del Estero - Argentina

The group consists of 26 rural women that live in La Invernada Sur in Figueroa’s regional council, Santiago del Estero. The town is 115 km from the provincial capital and has approximately 900 inhabitants. There is neither potable water, nor sewers and only a couple of they gained electrical energy. The lack of water is one of the most widespread problems that affect the quality of life for rural women. Read more about this group in spanish...

Unidas por un Futuro
Santiago del Estero - Argentina

Is a group of 24 women that live in “Río Muerto”, in the Figueroa’s regional council in Santiago del Estero and they are in the process of establishing an organization. The urgent issues in their community that they identified include teenage pregnancies, family planning and gender-based violence. Their project includes training with regional references in order to strengthen the group, gain knowledge on women’s rights, their rights to health and raise awareness among their children and the community of the importance of reinforcing no violance against women.Read more about this group in spanish...

Colectiva Mujeres
Montevideo – Uruguay

Their main objective is to promote the political participation and expression of afro-descendant women. To generate spaces to address issues faced by afro-descendant women, to be aware of their rights, to reflect on their reality and intervene as political women. As a result, they have entitled their project “Active Citizenship of Afro-descendant Women Action I” considering the need to empower women through training, information and collective reflection. Read more about this group in spanish...

Coordinadora Departamental de Mujeres de San Pedro
San Pedro – Paraguay

Their project “To strengthen our civic participation as organized women” proposes to meet, discuss and generate firm proposals to governmental authorities.
The group is constantly concerned about the fact that they don’t want to be utilized by candidates and governors for their own political agenda. Read more about this group in spanish...

Apostando al Futuro
Chaco – Argentina

The project under development is entitled “Better health, better life”. Knowledge and training is their key concern, as well as the need to share these with their community and other rural towns. Talks, workshops and trainings are organized to facilitate questions, exchange of information and knowledge on how to protect and decide for themselves. Topics include sexual and reproductive health, physical health, health care, prevention of diseases and “the things that occur in colonies, especially if “it” affects health”. Read more about this group in spanish...

Mujeres Awkasisa
San Salvador - Jujuy – Argentina

The group aims to carry out the Project “Empowering: Women as Main Protagonists for the “Internal” Changes to have an “external” impact””.
This group is from Alto Comedero neighborhood, located at the South of Jujuy, where the economic and political situation is very precarious: There exist a notorious lack of government involvement reflected in the lack of public educational institutions, lack of health assistance, insecurity growing indexes, lack of job opportunities or in many cases low wages and cases of extreme poverty. Read more about this group in spanish...

Junín de los Andes - Neuquén – Argentina

The context from which this group arises is deeply conditioned by the prevailing culture of “machismo” mostly due to the inheritance of the cultural traditions of that region. Consequently, paternalism has been, for generations, the only style of life of the inhabitants of the place. Read more about this group in spanish...

Mujeres del Barrio Santa Rosa de Lima
Santa Fe – Argentina

FMS supports this group with the Project “Meetings… in the Community- based Radio of Santa Rosa de Lima”. In the words of the organization: “ This project has as main objective to strengthen the radio space that they have been carrying out, with the propose of communicating and generating debates as regards the problems we have as women inhabitants and builders of our neighborhood” Read more about this group in spanish...

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